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What to Expect at Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

Patient Intake Forms

Your First Visit

When you first visit our Bathurst, Cowra, or Mudgee practices, you will receive a thorough consultation.

We will determine what your health problem is and whether we can help.

During this visit, you can expect us to:

  • Take your complete medical history
  • Perform a comprehensive chiropractic exam
  • Take an X-ray of the area of your complaint (dependent on the patient)

Our chiropractors, Dr Jesse Middleton and Dr Ryan Hislop, usually advise patients to allow 30 minutes for their first visit, including paperwork.

If your paperwork has not already been completed (by downloading it from the box at right and filling it out at home), please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Follow-up Visits to Our Offices

Your second visit typically involves the following:

  • A report of findings
  • X-ray analysis
  • Performing an adjustment (X-ray result dependent)
  • Formulation of a personalized care plan
  • Details about the cost of care

Monitoring Your Progress

The team at Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre is committed to offering the very best care to you. We understand that it’s important for you to see for yourself the benefits that chiropractic care can offer.

For this reason, we re-do all of our tests (examinations and X-rays) after a period of 12 visits, to provide you with tangible results, so you can see just how much you have progressed.

Helping You to Help Yourself

Wellness and chiropractic at Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre

Wellness care for as long as you like

Our chiropractic care focuses on the long-term, well-being of our patients. To facilitate this, we urge all of our patients to attend our comprehensive health talks, which focus on everything from nutrition and exercise to detoxification and stress-management.

We also send out weekly emails and a monthly newsletter to keep you informed, so that you can get the very best results from our chiropractic care.

We Are Here to Empower You

We are committed to ensuring that you don’t just get well, but stay well. We want to empower you to invest in your long-term health. This requires commitment, not just from us, but also from you.

It’s up to you to choose to come to us for as long or as often as you’d like, but we do recommend regular visits to help you maintain your spine.

“Your spine requires upkeep, just like your teeth. If you want your spine to last you a lifetime, you need to keep it healthy,” says Dr Jesse.

Of course every patient differs, but it takes time to get well and stay well. Contact us to learn how chiropractic can benefit your health and well-being!